Different types of Locations


There’s something magical about photographs on a beach; the wide expanse of beach sand and sky, intersected by the ever changing ocean.

Beach wedding venues KwaZulu Natal


Whether in a game reserve, or in the middle of nowhere, weddings in bush settings offer tranquillity seldom experienced elsewhere.



The colour, form and texture of gardens, provide the most popular settings for bridal couples to be photographed in.

Gardens wedding venues, KwaZulu Natal


Majestic mountains make a grand backdrop to wedding photographs, almost stealing the show from the lovely bride.

Berg Wedding Venues, KwaZulu Natal Berg Wedding Venues


Country settings such as the many in our Midlands district, offer so much in terms of photo ops -- streams and rivers, beautiful flora, trees and grasses, and clean fresh air.

Country Wedding Venues, KwaZulu Natal


For the couple who prefers none of the above, I offer interesting options: An old building - perhaps partly in ruin, using interesting architecture, a canal setting or some unique idea of your own!

Rustic Wedding Venues, KZN
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